Die Majanga® Massage Wrap

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The Inventor

Sabina de Kruijf work in various healthcare positions and loved being in touch with people. She was always looking for the best way to help people for more than 15 years. She got involved in massage therapies in order to be closer to her clients.

The Idea

Apart from the fact that she found her work very inspiring, she often encountered practical problems, which according to her should be resolved in order to increase the quality of her work. One of these problems was caused by the fact that using towels is not very practical, the were either too small of too large and required lots of time consuming washing loads. Not only was this annoying to her, she also experienced that body parts where cooling off when massaged.
Of course you can cover those areas in most cases, but while you turn the client around, the cover can shift. “For a long period I’ve been thinking how this problem could be resolved in a practical way” Slowly the Majanga massage wrap became visualized in my mind. One could be describe the massage wrap as a terry cloth garment, bathing wrap, with zippers and buttons.

The Result

The Majanga® Massage Wrap can the opened for specific areas such as shoulders breasts legs arms and other body parts. The area to be massaged can be exposed while the rest of body is kept covered and warm. This wrap can be used for left or right handed massage therapists.
The Majanga Massage Wrap will be available in the sizes Small, Medium and Large and will be available in different colors.
A nice and easy feature, the Majanga Massage Wrap fits in a carry-on bag, made out of the foot bags and the neck massage ribbon.